Welcome to Dy-Dee Service. Please call our office any time for helpful hints or to make a change in your service. Se Habla Espanol. 626-792-6183 in Southern California only.

Pre-Birth Delivery

If you had diapers delivered before your baby’s birth, remember to call and activate your service as soon as you come home with your baby. For billing purposes, your service will begin on the day your baby starts using the diapers.

Diaper Container / Deodorants

A new diaper container equipped with a deodorant disc is provided free with your first delivery. Line your container with the plastic bag used to deliver your diapers as it will have your account details attached. Your driver will replace the deodorant disc the first week of every month.

No Soaking or Rinsing

There is no rinsing or soaking with Dy-Dee’s carefree diapers. Our diapers have a special odor and bacteria fighting agent which is activated by moisture and continually protects the diaper, even when it is in the container. All you do is deposit the soiled diaper in the container and leave the rest to us.

Delivery Days / Times

Your delivery day and time is determined by your geographic location. Under normal circumstances your driver will be at your home at approximately the same time each delivery day.

Missed Pickup

If you forgot to leave out soiled diapers, your driver still leaves your clean bundle for you. We will automatically schedule loaner diapers to be delivered next week. The driver will need to pick up 2 weeks worth of soiled diapers in order to leave the loaners.

Making Changes to Your Service

In order for us to make adjustments to your service in time for your next delivery, it is best if you call the office by the delivery date prior to the change. Most adjustments can be made within this period of time. For the most personal service, note the name of the customer service representative who assists you. She will be happy to assist you in the future if you ask for her when you call.

Not Enough / Too Many Diapers

If you are running out of diapers before your delivery day, please call our office to increase your inventory. If you have more diapers than you need, please call to reduce your inventory. Remember, you are charged for your full inventory, not the amount of diapers you actually use.

Diaper Size / Style

Most newborn babies beginning our service start with an infant size diaper. When the fit gets “snug”, just call our office and we will explain the options available in the larger sizes, including our super-absorbent diaper for “Heavy Wetters”. Please keep in mind that diapers in any one size category may vary in shape due to shrinkage or manufacturer variations.


Diaper service is billed and payable in advance every four weeks. Your billing cycle begins the first day our driver comes to pick up your diapers. You will find a “prior use” charge on your first bill for the period between the day your baby starts using the diapers and the first driver pickup. We offer a 9% discount for advance payment of 12 weeks or a 13% discount for advance payment of 24 weeks. Master charge and Visa are accepted and you may have your account charged automatically. Call our office to request this. If you choose to pay the driver, please tape your payment to the lid of your pail.


If you are moving within our service area, we would like to continue service at your new residence without interruption. So that we can best meet your needs in the moving process, please call our office at least one week prior to your move.


If you are going on an extended vacation, please call our office at least 1 week in advance of your departure to inform us of your schedule. If you will not be using service diapers, your account will be credited for this period. For any vacations longer than two weeks, we must pick up all your diapers, soiled and clean, and return them to you when you return from vacation. You may request to have a pick up of your soiled diapers and no delivery. However, you will be billed a service fee.


We will deliver as usual on every holiday except Thanksgiving Christmas and New Year’s Day. If your delivery day falls on one of these days you will be notified in advance of the special holiday delivery schedule.

Gift Certificates / Referrals

Diaper service is a great gift. We can provide you with an attractive gift certificate and all delivery arrangements can be made by phone. Please inform the recipient, however, that unless they notify us their service will continue when the gift has expired and the recipient will be responsible for further billings. Customers using Dy-Dee Service will receive one free week of service when someone they have referred starts using our service.


When you are ready to begin potty-training, we can supply training pants along with your diaper order. When training is complete, please call our office to discontinue service. On the last service day, please put any clean diapers with the soiled. This way we will get a full count of diapers returned. And Thank You for using Dy-Dee Diaper Service.