How Our Cotton Diaper Service Works

Step 1Just call our office (626-792-6183 or 800-803-9333), and our customer service representatives will help you. We are experts on diapers so we will answer all the questions you have.

A. How many diapers should I order per week?
B. What size diapers would be best for my baby?
C. What time of day will my diapers be delivered?
D. Should I use diaper covers, Snappi’s or pins?
E. How do I fold the diapers?
F. How much is the cost & when will the bill come?
G. Help! How do I … (you fill in the space)?

Step 2While on the phone you can schedule your prebirth delivery. For your convenience, we can bring your first delivery of diapers a couple of weeks before your due date. That way you have diapers at home ready to use.

Step 3You can call us when you need more diapers and are ready to begin the regular service.

With our service no rinsing or soaking is required. It’s as simple as  placing the soiled diapers into the deodorized diaper container that we provide.

Once a week, we come right to your front or back door to pick up your soiled diapers and leave fresh ones for your baby. We come on the same day of the week every week, at around the same time of day. And you don’t need to be home for your delivery.

On your first and second deliveries you receive the full number of diapers ordered. Thereafter you will be on a rotation system: the number of diapers you turn in one week will be returned to you the following week.