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Cotton Diapers = Happy SkinCotton Comfort for Your Baby

If you were a baby, what would you prefer next to your skin–the paper, plastic and chemicals of disposables, or the clean naturally soft comfort of cotton?

Cotton’s feeling on the skin is like no other fabric, and its ability to “breathe” allows the skin to be ventilated. This is especially important for a diaper since they’re the most important clothing your baby wears

Warmth and humidity should not be trapped under a diaper, and the ammonia produced by a baby’s wetting should have an escape path. Cotton’s breathability meets both requirements, and its soft touch is wonderful on sensitive new skin.

Compare this comfort against a disposable diaper. The non-breathing materials of disposables don’t ventilate a baby’s skin.

Babies deserve soft, Comfortable cotton because nothing is better and more comfortable for baby. It’s soft and naturally absorbent, and its breathability ventilates the skin to prevent diaper rash.

Cotton Diapers vs. DisposableCotton Comfort for Your Baby

When disposable diapers appeared 35 years ago, there were predictions that cotton ones would soon disappear. But here they still are — chosen for their babies by the same kind of people who wouldn’t accept a polyester future for themselves.

These parents know diapers aren’t just absorbent containers, but also clothing — the most intimate and important clothing babies wear, over the most sensitive area of their bodies.

People who choose cotton for their babies aren’t gluttons for inconvenience. They are living in the same hurry-up world as everyone else. When they use our diaper service, they just put diapers in the hamper (no need to rinse) instead of the trash. They don’t look downtrodden. Something must be working.

Parents with babies in cotton also watch their babies train out of diapers a year earlier than babies in disposables. They wonder what’s convenient about the extra year in disposables — and what it means for a child’s development.

Cotton diapers are good for babies, their parents, and the world. We offer them for your baby with the conviction that giving our best to babies will never go out of style.

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