The following articles are taken from recent issues of the Wet Set Gazette.

Your First Time“, by Louise Tellaran, will explain some of the basics.

Is It Worth It?“, by Felicia Henry, relates the benefits of breastfeeding.

Your Infants Perspective“, by Ruth J. Gruen, tells why your baby will thank you.

Important Facts to Know About Breastfeeding“, by Yaffa Stark, good information.

Do We Need a Breastfeeding Law?“, by Felicia Henry, says it will help.

Who is Welcome at La Leche League Meetings?“, by Felicia Henry, explains how and why meetings are helpful.

Breastfeeding: The Perfect Gift for Baby, Mother, & our World“,
by Mary Ann Whitesell, lists the benefits to all of the above.

Breastfeeding Pillows: Are They Needed?“, by Sharie Fried, offers tips for comfort.

Creating a Special Place for Breastfeeding“, by Denice Parker, gives lots of tips to make breastfeeding comfortable for mother and baby.