99% Less Garbage is Generated when Cotton is Used

Experts in solid waste management agree on the following hierarchy of methods to manage our garbage (the most desirable is listed first):

(1) reducing waste at its source;

(2) reusing products;

(3) recycling;

(4) composting;

(5) waste-to-energy incineration; and

(6) landfill.

An alternative to single-use diapers that reduces the volume of garbage at its source is readily available in reusable cloth diapers.

Single-use diapers represent the 3rd largest consumer item (after newspapers and beverage and food containers) in the municipal solid waste stream. These diapers will require over 500 years to decompose. Cloth diapers normally don’t enter our landfills since, after they are retired from the diaper service, they are used as rags until they disintegrate.